Heide Museum


Grind and Seal was contacted by the Heide Museum of Modern Art, as some of their Artist Galleries needed an updated new floor to complement the Galleries renovations. The finish needed to meet precise criteria – they had a ‘one and only opportunity’ to have the work undertaken which was set in concrete (no pun intended). The museum itself would be operating with the usual number of visitors; the existing concrete had an existing coating which had gouges and other damage to be removed yet allow that same existing concrete to be polished to a fine finish. The finish needed to be hard wearing with no cure time, to enable return to services immediately the floor was completed to fit into their program. Noise needed to be kept to a minimum, and the environment needed to be kept dust free throughout the works for business operation and health and safety guidelines.


We presented some different options, recommending the genuine mechanical polish (Hiperfloor), and after reviewing all the advantages of the Hiperfloor such as maximum resilience with high numbers of daily foot traffric, the client the Hiperfloor over replica polished concrete, such as ‘grind and seal’. The upfront cost of Hiperfloor is higher than grind and seals, but over time the dollar savings are significant.


350m2 had to be fully commenced and completed within 6 days whilst ensuring no interruption to the museum’s trading, complying with dust, noise and safety guidelines, and this was achieved efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction, almost as though we were never there.

If you’d like to visit the Heide Museum and while you’re there view the polished concrete floors, the Artist Galleries worked on are below:

  • Truby and Florence
  • Loti Smorgon
  • Sydney Myer
  • George Mora
  • Ian Potter