Mechanically polished concrete (i.e.Hiperfloor)

Mechanically polished concrete (i.e. Hiperfloor) Available in Matte, Satin or Gloss

True, mechanically polished concrete for indoors. If you want a ‘forever floor’ with very little maintenance, this is the finish to go for.

This type of polished concrete gains its smooth, satin-to-the-touch texture and visual beauty from polishing up the actual concrete with mechanicalpolishing machines, much like a diamond is polished to gain its shine. It’s incredible durability and long life comes from the process, which involves grinding back the concrete to see as much or as little of the ‘stone’ as you want to see in your floor, densifying the floor to make it up to 10 times harder (unique to our company, we do this process as many times as is needed to reach extreme durability, not just once if it needs more), grouting it to make it a poreless floor (very hygienic), and afterward, sealing with penetrative sealers. These sealers don’t sit on the surface of the concrete, they penetrate deep into the slab. There are no topical coatings to wear away, and it’s an incredibly tough yet smooth surface

Our genuine mechanically polished concrete (MPC/Hiperfloor/Superfloor)is created from the culmination of all these processes, and is really a work of art. It is worth the extra initial investment to have a floor that after many years will still look and perform like it did when it was first completed.

Polished Concrete – the Different Levels of Stone Exposure

Nil/Industrial Exposure

If you like the industrial, modern look of an unpatterned concrete floor, a’Nil’ exposure or a ‘Surface Polish’ is the finish you want. This means almost none of the aggregate (or stone) within the concrete mix is visible. This is the most difficult to achieve, as the aggregate placement when the slab is poured is extremely important.

Minimal/Random Exposure
This is often referred to as a salt and pepper look. It is where we grind between 1-3mm off the surface of the concrete. There is often no stone exposure in some areas, and a little or a lot of stone exposure in other areas, depending on how the slab was poured. That’s where the ‘random’ comes into it, and it can be quite a contemporary look.

Semi to Full Aggregate Exposure
Do you love the classic ‘Italian terrazzo’ look? Full stone exposure means we grind down deeply into the slab, in order to expose the full cross-section of all the aggregate at that level. This is similar in appearance to terrazzo and can lend a very European essence to any property, new or old.


Polished Concrete Different Levels of Shine

Polished concrete does not actually have to be shiny, in fact, you can choose from a matte/satin, semi gloss or high gloss finish. This means how clearly an image is reflected. Following are the general levels of shine:

  • Matte/satin finish: low clarity with some distortion, much like a ‘satin’ paint finish
  • Semi gloss: a reasonable amount of clarity with good reflective properties 
  • High gloss: picture perfect clarity with highly reflective properties (mirror like)


Other factors which contribute to the appearance of gloss level are below:

  • Focal points: large, interrupted spaces with natural light can give the effect of a semi gloss or high gloss finish, when in fact, it’s a matte finish.
  • Natural light: a room with large amounts natural light will always appear glossier than a dark space, especially when standing back and looking along the floor with a light such as a doorway at the end of the room. 
  • Concrete color: if your concrete is darker, such as black, it is always going to have more shine than a white or cream colour slab.

It’s always a clever idea to keep the design of your premises in mind when choosing your level of gloss.

Please feel welcome to discuss this with us, because due to our many years of being within this industry and around new builds of all types, we can advise on how the light within your design is likely to use the light when finished.


Grouting – What is this, and why do we do it?

We grout to give you the highest quality finish, creating a smooth and poreless interior floor and a smooth yet non-slip floor for exterior. This is a procedure carried out after the grinding of the concrete, where we apply a latex based product to the floor and mix it with the concrete dust created by the grinding procedure to create a colour matched a slurry paste. This slurry is then worked into the surface and fills in the tiny pin holes/ripples in the concrete. This process gives the floor a much smoother appearance.


This procedure is always done by us as we work to deliver a superior product across all finishes. However, for some companies, grouting is an optional add-on and clients are charged extra for grouting, so always ask for details when asking for a quote.


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Longevity and performance
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Can radiate heat and store solar energy

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