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Concrete Floor Preparation

Like anything that is worth doing, the success of a polished concrete floor or one with an epoxy floor coating will depend on the amount of preparation that goes into it – you won’t achieve the desired effect if the concrete is in poor condition to start with.

The Importance of Proper Concrete Floor Surface Preparation

As for any type of preparation, concrete floor preparation can be a tedious and time-consuming process. As a result, it’s something that many contractors don’t do properly or may even overlook altogether, believing that a light grind will remove any faults or applying a coating will cover them up. At Grind and Seal, we know that in-depth preparation is a crucial step in any concrete processing and it’s something that we pay great attention.

Failing to prepare a concrete floor before polishing or before laying another floor covering such as timber, tiles or vinyl will mean that any contaminants may not be removed and cracks will not be repaired and will continue to deepen, and stains may still be apparent. A lack of concrete floor surface preparation may also cause epoxy or other coatings to fail to bond correctly, resulting in lifting, blistering, and peeling that will ultimately require the coating to be removed and replaced. Also, coating manufacturers’ product warranties will be void as they specify grinding to prepare the surface. Inadequate surface preparation may therefore be far more costly and disruptive in the long-term so it’s vital it’s done correctly in the first place.

Thorough Concrete Floor Preparation is Key

To prepare a floor properly, we:

  • Clean and repair holes and cracks with an appropriate material. Any material used will have low shrinkage to ensure correct bonding and prevent a crack re-opening and the repair failing.
  • Check for grease, oil, and various chemicals that can contaminate the concrete. These can be cleaned from the surface and the effect neutralised at lower levels. We are aware of the effects on concrete of various contaminants and do everything necessary to eliminate any problems and ensure a clean and smoothly textured concrete floor.
  • Texture the surface to an appropriate degree so that any coating will more readily adhere to the concrete and prevent future lifting.
  • Check the moisture content since excess moisture can cause an epoxy or other coatings to fail to bond correctly. Concrete is often drier at the surface than at lower levels.

The Need to Use Professional Floor Preparation Contractors in Melbourne

Because we understand the need for proper concrete floor preparation before concrete polishing or applying a concrete floor coating or other flooring, we don’t skimp on this phase of the process. We always fully assess the state of existing concrete and take any action necessary to ensure it’s in the right condition.

We’ll check the moisture content of the concrete and inspect it thoroughly for chips, cracks, or other imperfections. If an existing floor is seriously impacted by faults, this may mean it’s unsuitable for any processing and needs to be replaced. In most cases, however, we’ll be able to take corrective action to restore a floor to the required condition.

Our aim is always to produce a perfectly polished or coated concrete floor that will give many years of service while retaining its visual appeal. That starts with thorough concrete floor surface preparation and it’s a stage we never underestimate.

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Why do you need surface preparation?

  • Surface preparation involves concrete repair to remove pre-existing damage
  • We can help restore old concrete to a cleaner, fresher state and remove contaminants
  • From reapplying a coating to using grinding preparation services to remove adhesive, tile mortar or levelling compound, our surface prep services help keep your flooring secure
  • Surface prep concrete grinding services can also help remove high spots so you can lay out your floor evenly
  • Our range of surface prep services includes pulling up and removing old carpet, vinyl, and sometimes a small amount of tile or timber to prepare for another subfloor

Flooring Comparison Chart

Available in a wide spectrum of design options Unlimited
Longevity and performance
Ease of maintenance
Can radiate heat and store solar energy

At Grind and Seal, we offer concrete surface preparation you can trust.

  • Our surface prep services use only the highest quality tools, meaning we can grind back the hardest of concrete
  • Our company is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Melbourne and its surroundings since 1998 with a proven track record
  • We have photos of many previous jobs we can email you
  • We are a fixed price organisation that is transparent and honest with no hidden charges
  • We offer free quotes and will even come out for free site visits to evaluate your space
  • Our client service and dedication to our customers is second to none

Discover the Concrete Polishing, Grinding, Coating and Surface Preparation Services that Set Us Apart

Since 1998, Grind and Seal has been helping our valued customers achieve amazing flooring throughout the Melbourne and Victoria areas. As a locally owned and operated business, we never use subcontractors, and our team of experienced professionals is extremely well-equipped to help serve your needs. Our concrete services are truly top-notch, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to help our customers achieve their ideal flooring for any setting—whether residential, commercial, or industrial.


Take a Look at Past Projects in our Image Gallery

See for yourself what a difference the right surface preparation can make and check out some of our past project before and after photos. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you perfect your floor, give us a call, or send us an email today!

Residential Polished Concrete Flooring


Residential Polished Concrete Flooring


Residential Polished Concrete Flooring


Residential Polished Concrete Flooring



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  1. All you need to do is email or phone us with your building plans or square metres and let us know if your floor is for a commercial, industrial, or residential space.
  2. Once we get your building plans, we can send you a free mark-up with pricing for your total square metres.
  3. No building plans? No problem! Give us a call and we can come out for a free site visit to take a look at your space.
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    Do you need help figuring out how to proceed with surface preparation services?

    • Are you wanting to resurface your concrete flooring but starting to realise how much work it’s going to be? 
      We’re happy to go out to you and have a look at the flooring you already have, from this site visit we will be able to tell you what work needs to be done and how much it will cost. You won’t have to worry about managing the full project, we’re happy to do that for you too – we have the expertise and experience, you can just relax. 
    • Do you want professional help from flooring experts who can give you a free estimate for the services they recommend? 
      It can be hard to get a full understanding of the work required, and therefore an accurate quote, based only on pictures and dimensions measured by someone who isn’t professional. It’s also impossible to get a full understanding of the pre-polishing preparations needed when working with an existing concrete slab without a professional as you won’t be able to see all the faults. We understand this, which is why we provide free site visits without the need for you to commit to our services.
    • Have you recently bought a property in Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs and you want to boost the value? 
      Concrete flooring is stylish, trendy, and more durable than other flooring options – this makes it a great way to boost the value of your property. If your property was bought with flooring you know needs to be replaced, than concrete flooring is also just a great, value-for-money, high-quality flooring option.
    • Do you have old concrete you are trying to refinish? 
      You can give an old slab of concrete a new lease on life with some simple fixes and a polish, making the old look brand new. Preparing old concrete and polishing it can only be done by a professional because of the skills and equipment needed – you can contact us to learn more about what you need to turn that old concrete slab into a floor you can be proud of.
    • Ready to renovate and looking for help removing vinyl/glue, tile grout or mortar and carpet tack holes? 
      Getting an old slab ready for polishing isn’t a simple task, which is why we’re here to help. We can do the concrete preparation for you to make sure it’s ready for polishing and no hidden faults will weaken it’s structural integrity. Contact us now to set up a site visit and we can get the ball rolling on your new floor.


    Got more questions? Here are some of the most frequent ones we get asked. If your question isn’t there, you can contact us directly to get the answers you need.

    Can I remove my existing flooring and have the concrete underneath polished?

    The concrete under your existing flooring can usually be polished, in most cases it will come out very nicely. In fact, some old concrete ends up looking better than new concrete when properly polished. However, this isn’t always the case – some old concrete may have very visible imperfections and (if you had tile over it) there may be a grid-like pattern where the grout lines were. It’s not always easy to predict what the results will be. That being said, if you don’t mind the possibility of a few minor imperfections, polishing an old slab is completely doable and more cost-effective than replacing the old slab with a new one.

    Can you repair cracks?

    While we don’t specialise in crack repair, we can certainly repair cracks in the concrete as part of our polishing jobs. We will always grout and repair cracks and small holes, so the finished floor is crack free. In some instances, we can even densify the concrete, making it as much as ten times harder than its natural strength. However, we can’t guarantee a crack-free surface over time because concrete usually forms hairline cracks due to the earth’s movement – these can be camouflaged, though, so they won’t ruin the look of your floor. 

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