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Have you considered concrete floor polishing for a stunning finish to your residential, commercial or industrial project? At Grind and Seal, we work with many businesses and homeowners to give them a floor that not only looks good but also lasts for many years. Our long history and experience of over 20 years in the trade speaks for itself and is one of the reasons we are leaders in the Melbourne concrete grinding, sealing, polishing and coatings industry. Read More

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

A polished concrete floor has many advantages over other types. It’s extremely attractive with its reflective surface and unique, visually textured appearance, has anti-slip and anti-static properties, is easy to clean and is extremely durable so it retains its looks for many years. With Grind and Seal, we are proud to say that you can expect greater longevity from your floor polishing than our competitors can offer. This is because we have thorough processes, and these are all designed and executed to ensure that our floors still look the same years later.

Why You Need Professional Polished Concrete Specialists in Melbourne

You’ll only experience all the advantages of polished concrete in Melbourne if your floor is produced by a professional company that knows what it’s doing and truly cares about its customers. Many companies produce floors with sub-standard finishing, resulting in a job that might look great at the outset but often doesn’t last very long. That’s not the way we work at Grind and Seal because we take great pride in what we do and aim to provide a superb floor every time. The start of every job, and the basis of its ultimate success, involves an assessment of the work and determining what’s needed. That means looking at each job in some detail because what it is, where it is and the surface we’re working on will determine the cost. This will depend on the area to be processed and its accessibility, which will dictate the size of machinery we can use or if some hand grinding and polishing is necessary. Most important is the fact that we talk to our customers, listen to what they say and then do all we can to make sure their wishes are carried out. We pride ourselves on being easy to talk to, contactable when needed and responsive to customer requests.

Why Choose Grind and Seal for Concrete Floor Polishing in Melbourne

Every job we undertake is different and the variety of materials and techniques we employ means each polished concrete floor can have a unique appearance. As part of that, we tailor a recipe for each floor because the consistency of the concrete will vary and there may be oil and chemical contamination that can cause problems, such as rejection or discolouration, if not dealt with properly. We do polish cement floors and concrete floor coatings for old or new floors although we don’t lay concrete slabs ourselves. Instead we prefer to concentrate on what we know best — concrete polishing in Melbourne — but we can recommend extremely competent concreters who specialise in laying slabs intended for polishing. For existing concrete, we’ll clean and repair as needed or, if it’s in too bad a state, will let you know it’s not suitable.

Achieving an Excellent Polished Concrete Floor in Melbourne

Although every job varies, we adopt a standard approach that achieves output of consistent high quality concrete polishing in Melbourne. That’s ensured by using only our own experienced and knowledgeable workforce, unlike some polishers that use sub-contractors of dubious quality. Depending on the visual texture required in a polished floor, the depth of grinding will vary to expose the appropriate level of aggregate. We use only the highest quality machinery, including high grade dust extractors that eliminate health hazards for our staff and customers. At the end of the process, you’ll have a floor that looks great and is durable, practical and easy to maintain. It will require only periodic sweeping and mopping with warm water and pH-neutral or balanced cleaning products. We’ll even provide free after-care cleaning materials to get you started and a professional photographic package, which is something you will not find from our competitors. If you want to have a floor polishing, concrete sealing or concrete grinding services in Melbourne, you’ll be proud of for years to come. To that end, we deliver it in a stress-free manner and ensure that, unlike some other contractors’ work, it doesn’t need replacing in a few years’ time.

Why Choose to Have Your Floor Polished?

By having your concrete floor polished, you can give it a whole new look and transform the character of your home. With interior polished concrete, you can have a cement floor finishing that is durable and will still look fantastic for many years to come. On top of this, it is low maintenance and extremely easy to keep clean, which will be music to the ears of those with busy households. Imagine no grout, indentations or other difficult areas to keep clean. Floor polishing is also a great choice because concrete has natural insulation properties and high thermal mass, so it can help to bring your energy bills down. This also makes it suitable for commercial businesses looking to have their floor polished. With a polished floor from Grind and Seal, your space is sure to impress your customers.

Why Concrete Floor Might be the Best Choice for Your Home & Business

Concrete isn’t just about boring foundation slabs anymore. With growing technology and knowledge, we can create all kinds of designs to suit your home. People often opt for polished concrete floors as a marble or granite lookalike to bring give their house a contemporary look. It also absorbs and retains heat well and stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter so there is no discomfort whatever the weather. This means it’s a great flooring option, especially when combined with underfloor heating. Because concrete floor is durable and long-lasting, it can even bring the price of your house up when you come to sell it. Potential buyers like to know that they won’t have to pay out a lot of money to have things fixed or refitted, so they’re happier to pay more if they know it’s going to last. Just like with a new kitchen or bathroom would, having durable flooring which won’t need replacing for very many years to come is a huge selling point. If you use a pH balanced cleaner, and refrain from using cleaners such as bleach or citric acids, your concrete floor will last for decades, simply having a refresh buff when some areas lose a bit of shine due to years of foot traffic. Imagine having the original concrete floor still looking good in 50 years? You often find concrete flooring in warehouses, but then find when you come to clean it that clouds of dust swirl up. This is because it is ‘dusting’, which means fine dust is continually forming off the surface of the plain concrete and leaving a fine film over everything. This builds up on a daily basis and can be quite heavy. A simple and economical industrial/commercial Polished concrete process can fix that problem as it hardens the concrete itself, and totally seals the concrete yet no sealer is left on the surface, the sealer is formulated to penetrate the concrete up to 20mm. All dust is only from the environment, extremely easy to just sweep into piles, or even just mop up. This means that it’s not only great for warehouses, but other aspects of your business too. Especially as it can be poured in different colours and patterns brought out by the grinding and polishing process.

Grind and Seal: Your First Choice for Floor Polishing in Melbourne

If you are looking for floor polishing in Melbourne or To find out how much your new concrete floors in Melbourne will cost, look no further than Grind and Seal for a professional and outstanding finish. We also have over 20 years’ experience in epoxy floor coatings, concrete floor levelling, concrete sealing & concrete floor preparation services in Melbourne, we use this to bring you an unrivalled service. We are fully insured, and we follow all the correct safety procedures, so you can be confident that you have chosen a company that you can rely upon. All work is undertaken by our trained and experienced team members. We never sub-contract because this can lead to work not being done to our high standards.  When you choose Grind and Seal, you can expect the best finish every time. Along with this, we offer you our expert advice about the best floor finishing for your project. We tailor each design process as not all concrete is the same. We also listen to you and respond, so you can be reassured that any questions or concerns you may have will be dealt with. Contact us for a free quote for your floor polishing project and you can look forward to working with a company which demands and achieves the highest standards. Read Less

The benefits of polished concrete:

  • Great for pets inside
  • Excellent for asthma and allergy sufferers, because it’s impervious to dust, pollens, mould, mildew and bacteria
  • Extremely environmentally friendly, just use hot water to clean
  • High thermal mass, keeps warm in winter and cool in summer for longer while saving you money on energy bills
  • Extremely long term with low maintenance in residential, commercial and industrial spaces alike.

Flooring Comparison Chart

Available in a wide spectrum of design options Unlimited
Longevity and performance
Ease of maintenance
Can radiate heat and store solar energy

Why choose Grind and Seal?

Did you know the concrete polishing industry is unregulated ? This opens the door for all sorts of standards. We enforce our own strict standards through KPI’s and checks and balances, with parameters that must be met, team-wide.

  • Tailor-designed processes for your concrete
  • Top quality products used
  • No hidden charges
  • Fixed price organisation
  • Fully insured, safety aware and reliable (OHS Compliant)
  • Unmatched client service
  • Free maintenance product and advice
  • Locally owned and operated business with over 20 years operating
  • No subcontractors
  • Honest, Quality guaranteed
  • Public sites to see our work

Melbourne’s Leading Concrete Grinding and Polishing Services

Grind and Seal is a local Concrete Polishing and Grinding business that has been creating gorgeous floors in Melbourne and Victoria since 1998. We are experts in the concrete polishing and coatings industry and we offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients on new or existing floors. We are one of the most well known and trusted names when it comes to Polished Concre te flooring in the industry. READ MORE

The Full Range of Grinding and Polishing Expertise for all
our Clients in and around Melbourne

Mechanically polished concrete floor

Mechanically polished concrete (i.e.Hiperfloor)

  • Most durable and long lasting of all flooring finishes
  • Marble-like appearance and feel
  • Best floor on the market for pets inside, being difficult to scratch
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Most economical flooring solution over time
Read More

Grind and seal polished concrete

  • A lesser cost way to have a polished concrete appearance
  • Can achieve the highest non-slip rating with non-slip grit or additive
  • Low maintenance for approximately 5 years
  • Available in hot tyre rated product for areas with vehicles
Read More
Non slip finish to pool and Alfresco area

Exterior slip – rated finishes (Honed concrete for patios, porches, paths, alfresco areas, outdoor entertaining areas)

  • External ‘sister’ finish to match interior mechanically polished concrete, gives a cohesive ‘indoor-outdoor flow’ to your premises
  • Excellent non-slip outdoor finish even when wet
  • Gorgeous appearance with long term durability and functionality
  • Feels great under the feet and is UV stable
Read More

Epoxy coatings and synthetic floors

  • Available in clear or a range of colours
  • Chemical and oil resistant for industrial settings
  • Hot tyre rated product available
  • Low VOC product available
Read More
Grey epoxy floor in commercial storage sheds warehouse
Concrete surface preparation diamond grinding

Surface preparation Grinding

  • Removes old floor coatings, glues and tile mortar
  • Removes contaminants to ensure new coating adhesion and a high quality finish
  • Levels height variances for a quality tile, timber, vinyl or other flooring finish
  • Smooth rain damaged concrete
  • Ensures you are covered by your product manufacture coating warranty
Read More

Completed Projects Photo Gallery

Grind and Seal provides exceptional quality polished concrete across Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Below are some of our past completed concrete floor polishing projects.

Industrial Warehouse Floor


Industrial Floors


Commercial/Retail Floors


Residential Floors



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