When is the best time to polish concrete if I have a new slab?

We recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you can. We like to give the Concrete will take approximately 28 days to cure before we we can like to begin grinding. The curing period is very important to develop both the strength and durability of the concrete. Also, when concrete is cured properly, it has a sufficient level of moisture to keep it from drying out, better volume stability, and increased resistance to thawing, freezing, abrasion and scaling. The curing process cannot be rushed — especially in Melbourne, with its varied weather. That is why we like to set aside 28 days to ensure the best quality for your concrete.

After the concrete has cured, there are two options: We can either then do complete the polishing all in two separate stages or all at once, or in two stages . If we do the procedure in two stages, we come in and perform the initial grind and grout, before the frame is erected. Afterwards, We put down a protective sealer after this to assist in protecting help protect the floor from staining during the rest of the build. Then, just before the plaster is put up ,we come back into and remove the coating and polish up the floor once again.

Otherwise, the option is to do it the polishing all in one hit, at one time, once the build is watertight. This is usually at the lockup stage —,i.e. when the outer walls are up and the roof is on. And, if needed, we’re happy to return and do a final buff once the rest of the build is complete. For more information, Please download our information sheet,‘At What Stage of the Build Is Concrete Polishing Best?

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