What’s the difference between a 32mpa slab poured for Nil exposure, and a 32mpa slab poured for a Burnished appearance?

When a slab is poured for a burnished appearance, at the time it is being poured, the concreter goes over the slab repeatedly with a helicopter machine. These repeated actions are known as heavily burnishing the slab. The result is that this gives the surface of the slab a swirly pattern, which is sometimes also described as a cloudy pattern. Each time the machine goes over the slab, the wet concrete gets compressed more and more. Then, when it is polished, the burnished floor retains that swirly or ‘cloudy’ pattern.

In contrast, when a slab is poured for a ‘Nil exposure,’ the aggregate must be placed as low as possible, but the surface of the slab is not heavily helicoptered (i.e. the Nil floor is not heavily burnished).

These two types of slab pour—Nil exposure and burnished floors—are the most difficult of all to achieve correctly, specifically for polishing. If you are interested in having a Nil exposure floor or a burnished floor, please ensure that you put us into contact with your builder very early in your planning process and definitely prior to having your slab quoted. Please keep in mind that it costs more for the concreter’s labour and time to achieve this slab, and it is also important for us to know if you are choosing one of these types of slab pour as early in your project as possible to help ensure the best results.

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