What types of polished concrete are there?

Mechanically polished concrete is the original, genuine article of polished concrete. Basically, this means that mechanically polished concrete process (MPC, Hiperfloor and Superfloor) is the true form of concrete polishing. In this case, it is the concrete itself that is polished. There is no topical coating that gives the floor an artificial shine. Instead, much like a diamond or gemstone is polished up to shine, the concrete itself is polished to increase its sheen.


Due to the multiple process stages carried out during this method of polishing and the process used to reinforce the concrete’s densifying materials, MPC, Hiperfloor and Superfloor concrete are also some of the most durable and easy to maintain flooring types available. When your mechanically polished concrete is complete, the final finish feels like well-polished marble or granite. In addition to being extremely durable and long-lasting, our mechanically polished concrete is also very difficult to scratch, making it a perfect choice for Melbourne families who include pets inside the home.

Click here to see close up images of what genuine mechanical polishes look .


Meanwhile, a grind and seal is a type of replica polished concrete. This means it is not genuine mechanically polished concrete, but it is designed to resemble it. There are 2 types of grind and seal that we offer.


The first is a Premium Hybrid grind and seal. This is a grind and seal finish that has been developed specifically by our company and developed over the years in response to a growing demand for a quality finish that is in between the Hiperfloor and the standard grind and seal. Over the years, our Hybrid grind and seal has proven its durability and attractiveness again and again. We complete this specific finish with a penetrative sealer similar to the mechanical polish used for MPC, and it looks the most like a genuine Hiperfloor. Please download our information sheet to learn more about our Hybrid grind and seal option.

Click here to see close up images of what our unique Hybrid Finish looks .


The second grind and seal we offer is known as the standard grind and seal, where we grind back the concrete, grout to fill in pinholes, and seal with coats of clear sealer. This type of grind and seal replicates the look of polished concrete to a degree, but it has a more textured surface due to the use of topical sealers. If you are looking for a form of polished concrete that will last for around 5 or so years, this is a very economical and attractive finish. Another benefit of our cost-effective standard grind and seal is that it can achieve any slip rating required with the simple addition of a grit additive within the top coat of the sealer.

Click here to see close up images of what a standard grind and seal finish looks .


Finally, there is also a form of ‘polished concrete’ that we offer for outdoor settings. Our Honed external finish is the sister finish to the indoor mechanical polish. Technically, our Honed finish is not actually polished concrete, simply because of the non-slip factor that is so important for outdoor flooring.  After all the grinding and other processes have been carried out, our Honed flooring is sealed with a penetrative sealer. This helps to ensure that your Honed outdoor flooring surface is highly durable and long lasting, as well as easy to clean and maintain. Our Honed concrete floor is the perfect option for a safe and attractive outdoor floor.  Plus, our Honed finish is UV-stable to withstand sunny days and it can achieve great slip ratings, even in extremely wet weather.

Click here to see close up images of what a non-slip Honed finish looks.

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