Is polished concrete cold in winter? Is polished concrete warm in winter?

Polished concrete is such an excellent insulator that it will help you retain whichever temperature you choose, in any season. As Melbourne can reach both extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures, this is a huge advantage and can help you save on your energy bills.

Unlike tiles or timber, which have a very small thermal mass, a concrete slab possesses a high thermal mass and its insulation is therefore excellent. Because concrete absorbs temperatures and releases them slowly, if you’ve had the blinds drawn to shade the floor in summer or the air conditioner on, your floors will add coolness to your home or business throughout the evening and night.

Conversely, in winter, if you’ve had the sun on the floor or have had a fireplace going or a heater on, your polished concrete floor will retain that warmth and keep you snug throughout the evening and night.

If you’ve ever had a timber floor, you know how cold it can get inside your home and how hot it can become in in the summer. Polished concrete is the best solution right across the board.

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