Is polished concrete easy to clean? How should I clean my polished concrete floor? 

If you are using a wet mop, always use either just hot water or a pH-neutral/pH-balanced cleaning product. (We give you a Complimentary container of the cleaning product and it’s easy to buy). It is very important to never use bleach or fruit acid cleaner, such as lemon juice or vinegar, on your polished concrete floor. This is because anything that is too alkaline or too acidic can dry out the grout in your polished concrete floor resulting in white patches. Overly alkaline and acidic products can also affect your floor’s longevity.

For wet mopping, make sure that both the water and the mop itself are clean so that you do not introduce any new dirt onto the floor. If you have a pH-neutral/pH-balanced cleaning product, it is actually preferable to using hot water only, as water cannot suspend dirt particles the way that a pH-balanced cleaner can. However, using just hot water is still always much safer than an alkaline or acidic cleaner. Also make sure that the cleaning solution you use does not dry up on the surface.

If you like to keep your floor dust-free every day, just use a dry microfibre mop. Microfibre pads are very effective at helping to keep dust and dirt particles off of your floor. Make sure that the microfibre mop is non-abrasive so that you do not damage the floor. Also be sure to clean up any liquid spills quickly to avoid any possible staining.

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