Can I have underfloor heating with polished concrete?

Yes, we can help you work with underfloor heating! To achieve an exposed aggregate look, depending on the aggregate placement within the slab at the time of pour, we generally grind down around 6mm. If you like the Nil exposure look (no stone), it’s only 0.5mm to 1mm approximately that we grind down.

Between the heating pipes and the surface of the slab, it’s a good idea to have approximately 70mm of space. This is because we don’t want to grind into the heating pipes, plus  the machines used for full exposure grinding are approximately 450kg (1/2 tonne), and a thinner area runs the risk of cracking.

Also, within the first 12 months of having your concrete poured, when the Melbourne cold season begins, it’s helpful to run the heating at the lowest temperature possible and keep it at that temperature as consistently as possible until the heating is turned off again. This is because, being a natural product, the concrete expands and contracts with heating and cooling, and the more often large changes in temperature occur, the greater the risk of cracks forming in the concrete. Please be aware that a concrete slab actually takes around 12 months to fully cure. Even though most of the cure takes place in the first 4 weeks, the concrete in your floor will require a full year to finish curing, so within the first year, it is extra important to try to avoid exposing your floor to frequent or drastic temperature changes.

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