What is an overlay or Feather Finish?

An overlay is a topping that can be put on top of a hard surface to replicate the look of polished concrete. Aside from the obvious benefit of totally covering slabs that are patchy, damaged or just unattractive, another benefit of overlay is that it’s only 3mm. This means that there’s very little height difference in existing premises with pre-installed cabinetry, doorways and skirting boards, making it ideal for an even finish.

Feather finish overlays offer multiple benefits, including the fact that you can use this overlay when you are repairing a floor, but you can also apply it on top of your existing floor for a beautiful and unique aesthetic. The overlay is also multipurpose because it is versatile as well as attractive.

Our feather finish compound is applied by hand using a trowel across the floor in a waving/sweeping motion. We finish with a clear coating over the top for protection and durability.

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