Is polished concrete expensive? How much does polished concrete cost?

Polishing your concrete flooring is actually one of the most budget-friendly flooring solutions currently available. Of course, there is an upfront cost, just like with any other flooring, but part of why polished concrete is such an affordable option is because it lasts longer than any other flooring. Another advantage of polished concrete is that it requires much less maintenance than many other types of flooring.

Getting polished concrete floors does vary in price depending on which process you are looking for, namely, whether you want the genuine mechanical polish (MPC)/Hiperfloor or instead, you want a grind and seal. In terms of how much polished concrete costs per square metre, there are a lot of different aspects that can affect the price. Some of the factors that will determine the cost of your floor include whether it’s a new, undamaged slab with no inner walls—in which case we can use the biggest machines—or whether it’s an existing home, in which case we’re working up to finished edges such as skirting boards and cabinetry. In existing homes, due to the finished edges, we have to use small machines plus more than standard hand grinding, so these situations are more labour intensive and time consuming.

If you are trying to determine the cost for your space, getting a quote is always best, because the actual price will depend so much on the unique requirements of your setting. If you can send us photos, or better yet, set up a site visit, that will allow us to see the concrete type and condition, the area (ie. is it a bathroom? A kitchen?), and the location itself (ie. is it an upstairs unit or external patio?) If your area is approximately 60m2 or more, it will be priced on a per square metre rate. If you have an area smaller than 60m2, then it’s generally priced on a minimum Day Rate. However, again, we recommend contacting us for a quote so we can give you a better estimate when we see what kind of work your particular space will entail. We carry out site visits throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, and right through the Mornington Peninsula.

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