Exterior Slip - Rated Finishes

Exterior slip – rated finishes (Honed concrete for patios, porches, paths, alfresco areas, outdoor entertaining areas)Available in Matte

Non-Slip and UV Stable Polished concrete for outdoor areas throughout Melbourne

Handy Tip: If you want an indoor-outdoor cohesive ‘flow’, this is the sister finish to the indoor Hiperfloor/mechanically polished concrete finish. Being the outdoor equivalent of the internal MPC/Hiperfloor finish, most clients choose this ‘sister’ finish to compliment the aesthetic flow of their entire home or commercial space, giving that sought after indoor-outdoor cohesive theme

If you have a porch, pool area, pathway, or any outdoor area, this is the choice for you. Gorgeous in appearance, with a wonderful feel even under your bare feet, it has real under-foot grip even in wet weather.

Our Honed concrete finish begins in the same way as all the finishes, i.e. by grinding back the concrete until your desired level of stone exposure is reached.

At this stage, the process diverges, as a more textured surface is required to retain the non-slip properties created by the grinding diamonds. To retain its non-slip properties, a lower percentage of grouting takes place (Hiperfloor is grouted up to 99% for a poreless surface, but if such a high percentage is used in outdoor/wet areas, some of the non-slip properties would be lost). After treating the concrete with further processes, the surface is sealed with UV stable, penetrative sealer. This ensures your new Honed floor is highly durable and long lasting, won’t go yellow, is a breeze to clean, is safe and attractive, and can achieve great Slip Ratings. It’s so good it’s used around pools and your pets will love it too! A perfect outdoor concrete finish.

Flooring Comparison Chart

Available in a wide spectrum of design options Unlimited
Longevity and performance
Ease of maintenance
Can radiate heat and store solar energy

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